Star Wars: A Knifes Edge

Mission Log: Blood On The Sand

The Knifes Edge is very dangerous and already it has took its toll on the crew members of The Odd Job.

Yanked out of hyperspace by a interdictor mine the barely flying YT-2100 managed to escape the grips of the New Sith Empire at the cost of its well being.

Limping to Tantooine the crew delivered the goods from Greedo to Seith a Mandalorian contact in the Hutt Criminal Empire. Seith works for Brash’ta the Hutt and offered you a chance to earn enough credits to repair your ship by winning the champions pot at the Bunta Eve Podrace.

Your ship partially repaired Dredge took to the tracks while Echo attempted to rig the race in the crews favor each member betting on their insane Ithorian companion.

Sadly the race turned to chaos an assassin attacked Brash’ta the hutt during the first lap of the race killing the hutt crime lord and escaping into the streets of Mos Eisley pursued by Kinsei.

Kinsei and the assasin fought backed up by the rest of the crew and a Bothan working for Brash’ta the group chased the Kel Dor Assassin across the town but sadly he escaped.

The only clue as to who the assassin was sent by being the Crescent Moon and blood drop insignia on his armor.



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