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Hoth System

3660 BBY

A sith fleet wipes out a republic blockade near the fifth planet of the Hoth System. Wreckage and cargo falls to the planets surface lost in the snow and ice of the harsh cold atmosphere.

2000 BBY

War has broken out between the republic and new sith empire. The black market for ship parts, materials and other equipment is flourishing as smugglers run the “Knifes Edge” between territories guarded by sith and republic blockades and littered with the hidden dangers of the Unknown Regions.

Greedo the Fiend a crime lord with a lot of pull in the second hand parts and cyber warfare black markets has invited you to visit his personal yacht in the Hoth System a remote planetary system in the Outer Rim.

Though his invitation mentioned little of the reasons for inviting you it did include the co-ordinates of his yacht and the mention that a impressive pay packet would be included if you were interested in his offer.

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