Star Wars: A Knifes Edge

Mission Log: Cold Steel

Each of you where hired by Greedo, a Rodian Crime lord in the cyber warfare and black market materials game.

Invited to his yacht the Dirty Pleasure you soon found yourselves wrapped up in a slaver revolt managing to navigate the snowy planet and take down the greedy Twi’lek scientist who had wrestled control of Greedo’s operation on the planets surface.

After rescuing Hibsk the Zabrak second in command of Greedo’s criminal organisation you returned to the Dirty Pleasure to recuperate from the heavy casualties taken on the planets surface.

But your rest was short lived, now heading across the Knifes Edge you find yourself plotting a course for the most wretched hive of scum and villainy, Tantooine.

Contacts Gained
Greedo: Greedo has rented you a ship “The Odd Job” for your work with him and has currently sent you to Tantooine for a delivery with a Hunt agent.

Hibsk: Hibsk has been on the outer rim for many years and has built up the experience and contacts to get nearly anything done. Once per a campaign the party may elect to contact Hibsk and cash in a favor for saving his life.


Each character should have a minimum of 350 Experience Points
Each character received 1000 credits on returning to the Dirty Pleasure



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