Mission 2 Blood On The Sand


The players have been hired to transport goods to a Hutt contact in the Tantooine system, there first trip across the Knife Edge could even be there last.

After avoiding or running into trouble in transit the players will reach Tantooine with two standard days of hyperspace travel.

As soon as they revert in the system the Hyperdrive will fail stranding them in the system.

Once they land they will be approached by a individual in mandelorian armor guarded on both sides by a Twi’lek and rodian the mandelorian is Seith Ordo a mercenary who works for Brash’Ta the Hutt. He will have your good transported and transfer the funds for your troubles but is otherwise impersonal possibly rude, his companions are quiet except to intimidate the PCs.

With the job done the players are left to do as they wish in Tantooine they could visit a bar, shops or plan their own jobs if they wish though they are also welcome to return to Greedo for their next courier job .

We’ve got trouble!

The Odd Job jumps into hyperspace…

Hyperspace is not as safe and easy during the wartime of the Great Sith War especially in a clunker like The Odd Job..

When programming a hyperspace route compare to the following DCs

  • DC 10 Known Hyperspace Route 50% Chance of trouble
  • DC 20 Obscure Route 25% Chance of Trouble
  • DC 30 Unknown Route 0% Chance of Trouble

In cases of trouble Roll 1d4:

  1. Pirates
  2. Republic (No Force Users)
  3. Sith (No Force Users)
  4. Jedi

Examples of actions:

  • Blockade
  • Ambush
  • Attempted Capture

You hear the crackle of crossing circuits and the smell of smoke fills the vessel

Mechanical complexities are also a problem in a ship of the odd jobs state the vessel has a chance of developing a fault in its hyperdrive 25% of the time it is used after the intiial jump away from Greedos ship.

Mission 2 Blood On The Sand

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